Destinations and Durations for Travel Nurse Assignments

the destinations and durations of travel nursing

Where can a career as a travel nurse take you? The possibilities are endless. As a travel nurse, you have a valuable opportunity to immerse yourself in new hospitals and new places. Healthcare facilities all over the U.S. use travel nurses, from prestigious teaching facilities to small community hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, and clinics. 

You’ll also get to live like a local and explore your surroundings, from big cities to natural wonders to cultures. So, start your list of places where you would like to work, and keep an open mind. Some of my favorite experiences occurred in destinations I didn’t expect to love. Let’s see where your journey will take you!

Types of Travel Nurse Assignment Destinations

Travel nurses can go to various locations depending on their preferences, qualifications, and the demand for their services. Some common destinations for travel nurses include:

Other states within the country

Travel nurses often move between different states within the United States. Each state has its own licensing requirements, so travel nurses need to obtain the necessary licenses or certifications to practice in the desired state.

Rural or underserved areas

Travel nurses may choose to work in rural or underserved areas with a higher demand for healthcare professionals. These areas often face staffing shortages, making them attractive destinations for travel nurses looking for diverse experiences.

Urban centers

Major cities and urban centers also offer a wide range of opportunities for travel nurses. These areas usually have large hospitals, specialized healthcare facilities, and academic medical centers that provide a variety of challenging assignments.

Tourist destinations

Travel nurses may opt to work in popular tourist destinations, such as coastal areas, mountain resorts, or cities with vibrant cultural scenes. This allows them to combine their profession with an opportunity to explore and experience new places. Be sure to consider housing, especially during peak season in these areas. 

Disaster Relief Areas

Travel Nurses may also work in disaster relief areas, such as after a hurricane or other natural disaster, to provide medical care to people in need.

Start Your Travel Nurse Journey

These are just some of the most common places travel nurses may find themselves on assignment. However, when you embark on a travel nursing career, the possibilities are endless. And here’s the best part: you are in control of where you go! 

Are you interested in travel nursing but don’t know where to start or if it’s the right career choice for you? Book a complimentary mentorship with me and get answers to your most pressing questions!

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